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  • How do I find tracking on my order
    Tracking is generated automatically by PayPal, our partner. When a shipper is created PayPal generates an email with tracking details to the email associated with the purchase. If you cannot find it, please check your junk email folder or feel free to contact us and we can provide it as well.
  • There is an error on my order, how do i correct this"
    We try very hard to be as accurate as possible but with all things, mistakes do happen. If for some reason you have an order with the incorrect part, something missing or an error, please contact us via email, messenger or phone. Please have the name the order was placed under, order number and approximate date the order was placed. This helps us locate the order so we can identify the error and get it corrected.
  • How do get something custom
    The best way to handle custom ideas or requests is to contact us directly via Facebook messnger, Email -, you may also call our shop during business hours. (248) 953-2562
  • Do you have payment plans for large purchases
    We do offer payment options for customers that have large purchases. You can use paypal credit option through our site or we can send you an invoice which allows you to make payments at your liesure. Once all the payments are made in full, we will processs the order and ship the goods. For details or arrangments, you can contact us via email, messenger or phone.
  • How do I get a picture of my car on your site
    Thats easy. Just buy a lot of awesome parts from us, build it and get some good quality photographs of the build. Email or send us the photos via messenger with details of the build and we will see if it makes it to the brag wall. We love seeing what you guys do There is some very talented and creative builds out there. We cant post them all but we'll do our best to showcase as many as possible.
  • Do you guys build cars for customers
    We love to build. For a complete build, you will need to contact us to discuss the nature of your project. Builds range from just adding custom parts to one off complete custom RC Cars. If you just want your engine or parts fitted, we can do that as well.
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