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BRP Extended Tire adapters for Losi, Baja & Vekta

BRP Extended Tire adapters for Losi, Baja & Vekta


Set of 2 Inertia Racing Products Front or Rear hub Adapters for BRP ( Bishop Racing Products )Tires and Wheels. The front hub Adapters are for the HPI Baja allowing the use of the BRP tires and wheels. The Rears will fill the Losi 5ive, DBXL and Mini WRC and Kraken Vekta. They have 2 holes that allow for 4mm standard pins or the 5mm phatdad pins. *note The front HPI assembly is different. You will need one set of Rear and one set of front for an HPI Baja. These assemblies do not include spacers or the outside flange plates.  These can be purchased separately. They are not needed but add an element of looks and added rigidity to the wheels. We have tested these without the outer flange and back spacers and have had no issues with the wheels.

See video for assembly instructions


*note- These adapters are longer than the standard length adapters.  They are designed to use for the 4" BRP tires.  They will work with other width tires to exend the rear end width an addtional 1"   These adapters are only for the Losi, Kraken or Baja Rears.


Free Detroit Performance RC wheel stickers with purchase

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