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JS Performance Aluminum Battery box for Losi 5iveT

JS Performance Aluminum Battery box for Losi 5iveT


Now available, JS Performance Battery/Radio Boxes.  Complete with Master Switch/Voltage Meter, Two On/Off switches wired for auxiliary power takeoffs, such as a high voltage servo, additional lights etc.  Comes in beautifully polished aluminum for some added bling and strength to your truck.


The master switch powers the whole system and the receiver power, the two switches have power leads with JST connectors for any auxiliary power requirements.  The switches have red indicators to show when “on”.  The boxes suit a slim line battery such as the standard lipo’s now supplied with the Losi 5ive-T and Mini WRC.


The boxes fit perfectly on the UBER servo systems or you can simply remove and trim the standard radio tray/battery box – Two holes will be required on the underside of the battery box to mount. Included is an antenna mount (requires drilling) to be used if the receiver is to be housed in the box – A small hole will be required to run the receiver power cable if mounted externally.


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