This is a new take off from a Kraken KV5

VEKTA.5 Kraken TS-555HV Digital Torque Servo 

TS-555HV is designed and manufactured specifically for the Kraken VEKTA.5. This torque servo provides adequate needs to power the KV5. It may also be used for a dual steering set-up with optional dual servo braket kit (KV2240). These servos have a 25T output spline and will only work with the Kraken servo horns

Operation Voltage 6V-7.4V
Torque 555 oz/in @6V, 694 oz/in @7.V using 2S LIPO
Speed 0.19sec/60 at 6V/0.17/60@ 7.4V
Rated Current 3500mA @6V/4500mA@7.4V
Continuos Current 600mA @6V/ 700mA @7.4V
Neutral Point 1500us
Dimensions 82x30x56.5mm
Weight 7 oz
Gears Type - Metal
Wiring White - Signal
Wiring Red - 6V-7.4V
Wiring Black - Ground
Connector Type - Futaba or JR
Ingress Protection - IPX7
Enclosure  Aluminum Anodized Case (Waterproof)

Kraken TS555-HV servo

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