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Kraken x3 HD polymer Chassis for Baja

Kraken x3 HD polymer Chassis for Baja


Now available - the new v2 version of the legendary X3 Chassis!


The all new Kraken RC X3-V2 is the next generation Hi-Tech Chassis developed for the HPI Baja Series. This V2 chassis is now lighter than it's previous generation. It is engineered with our Super Tough Polymer and molded in with a 4mm steel plate in the front kick up. This is as tough as it comes! The X3-V2 is the perfect choice for those who seek the Ultimate Chassis for their HPI Bajas! 


Technical Specs

- Baseline 10 mm (Stock 4 mm)
- Front Kick Up is embedded with 4 mm hardened Steel Plate (Total thickness 12 mm)
- Material: Hybrid Polymer
- Impervious to Gasoline 
- Weight: 673 Grams

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