This outlaw kit is made by 7075rc in the USA.  It is made from all 7075 aluminum.  The platform is based off the original OCBAJA design and refined to be a more complete kit.  The hybrid kit utilizes a Baja rear end with a Losi chassis.  The design was made to develop the ultimate 2wd losi platform on the market.  Utilizes losi shocks, losi cage and body.  The engine sits farther back in the chassis and utilizes a baja pipe that you will need to custom mount.  it uses a Baja rear end so you have an ultra durable transmission and tons of easy to change gear options.  Durable, unique and tons of fun to drive.







    The semi-roller kit pictured above comes with the following

    3 piece chassis with front and rear inserts

    Engine brace

    Tranny plate

    Camber links for front and rear

    Front and rear hub carriers

    Front steering knuckle with axel

    Front end  carrier

    Front and rear hinge pins and hinge pin retainers

    shock towers for front and rear


    Needed to complete:

    Baja Transmission including extended dogbones and cups

    Brake set up from a baja

    Gear plate for a baja

    Baja linkage- (yamadude is reccomended)

    two servos- one steering and one throttle (you can utilize a smaller throttle servo or the standard size)

    Battery tray for a losi 5ive

    Front and rear Losi bumpers

    hubs for a losi (you may also utilize the BRP adapter hubs for a losi)

    Cage and body for a Losi 5ive

    Wheels & Tires of your choice

    Steering assembly for a losi

    Losi front chassis brace

    Steering Turnbuckles for Losi

    Losi gas tank