Our new very torquey mid sized Big Bore Billet Reed Engine!


The 50GT is a very well rounded engine which will be at home in almost any upgraded 1/5 scale which can accept our engines. It has the torque to pull a heavy 4WD car, but still a decent peak rpm to scream in a lightweight Baja.


See it in action here: https://youtu.be/U7mNFxmEQT0


Custom anodising is available at an extra cost, please just get in touch.


The engine comes as a complete package, for full hassle free drop in fitment without any compatibility issues. We have a few optional upgrades available to choose also so you can build the package to suit your tastes

Engine spec:

  • 50cc Billet Reed engine (40mm Bore x 39.6mm Stroke)
  • Custom made lightweight full circle crankshaft specifically built for the RC application.
  • RCMAX GT Triple Exhaust Port Cylinder
  • RCMAX TITANIUM EXHAUST AS STANDARD!!! (50% Lighter than steel systems)
  • RCMK high rpm ignition system.
  • Industry leading RCMAX Reed System with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.
  • UFC 54mm complete clutch system
  • Choice of 1107 or WJ71 Carb
  • RCMAX Billet Starter as standard
  • The famous RCMAX Official Hat and some RCMAX Candy!
  • Throttle linkage and Quick release


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