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TAYLOR approved Hexbit / Tool kit 6 piece set
  • TAYLOR approved Hexbit / Tool kit 6 piece set


    This 6pc set contains: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm extended tool tips or hex bits as i call them. Manufactured by Wera in Germany with premium tool steel that offers a tough core and then extreme surface hardening. Very few in 1/5 scale drive more hexagon screws of any type/style on a daily basis than myself and my wife here at TAYLOR RC!


    We are constantly assembling our engine and products, doing custom builds, building and then stripping test rigs for prototypes etc etc. Ive been through almost every brand of hexagon bit and tool tip on the market, within RC and the professional motorsport industry where i come from, to try find bits that can withstand daily use from an 1/4" drive impact gun on tiny RC screws without round outs! A fairly new product on the market from the premium brand Wera caught my eye 6 months ago and its totally changed my efficiency ever since. Their top of the range "Hex-Plus" hexagon impact bits have blown me away, im still running the first set i bought and they show no wear, im talking many thousands of screws with minimal round outs! Totally innovative and superior to all normal hexagon shape bits. It would be simply rude of me not to pass on this wicked find to you guys, i managed to hook a sweet deal from Wera due to my passion for their work and put together a set of Tips for your impact guns that will change your RC life!

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