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TAYLOR HD vented 54mm bell carrier for Baja
  • TAYLOR HD vented 54mm bell carrier for Baja


    As requested by you guys our loyal customers, we have been hard at work and made you a universal Heavy Duty Baja Clutch Carrier for 54mm clutch bells.


    This carrier fits both Zenoah/CY based engines aswell as Rcmax Big bore motors. The carrier features oversize HD bearings with a 15mm internal bore for heavy duty clutch bells like BLACKBONE, UFC and TR HD Bells.


    Extremely well vented for getting the heat out of your clutch when running tuned engines or steel clutches.It requires use of a HD Gear Backplate to suit the big bearings, like our TAYLOR7075 HD Backplate or the TR V2 HD plate. (or you can enlarge hole in your current backplate to fit if you wish).


    This carrier will now come as standard fitment on our motors like the 40GT which run the UFC 54mm clutch.

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