This stunning Opposing dual spring Billet Easy-Starter will help all RCMAX Engine Owners, but especially anyone running bigger size engines. Make sure to choose right fitment (see photo to explain)



    • LOSI 5T -  No Issue
    • HPI BAJA -  No Issue
    • HYBRIDS -  No issue
    • MCDs - The starter is wider and will cover over the rear engine bolt -  remove starter to remove engine)
    • VETKA/TT -  Im afraid we didnt have time to make a sideways facing starter. So either use the starter with upwards handle or please email me, i could machine off the back of starter so it can be turned
    • RAMINATOR -  Will work fine but youll need to have your side bracket cut (as we recommend anyway for faster engine removal)


    This Easy Starter is built using the bullet-proof GP460 Internals which features dual opposing springs to remove all the affects of kick-back also.  The starter stores energy as you pull the handle and then releases it in a burst once the primary spring tension overcomes the engines compression


    This results in a much faster starter rotation for your engine, therefore faster starting and less chance of harmful kick back!


    Never have a sore hand again :)