RCMAX 46GT V2 MCD Complete Engine Package

RCMAX 46GT V2 MCD Complete Engine Package


The RCMAX46 is the most popular and well known Big Bore RC engine in the world, this is due to being such a well balanced power output and extremely reliable.


Now shipping with our updated V2 Crankcases and V2 Ignition System: Improved internal transfer flow, updated primary compression ratio,  Japanese Oppama Ignition system with a host of benefits including reduced overall weight and finally improved finishing around 3D milling faces for an even better than our already industry leading machining.

Complete ready to fit package for the MCD XR5/RR5 MAX Version. (W5 Available on request, please email)


If you would like any custom options like anodising etc, please get in touch.

The package includes the following:

  • 46cc Billet Reed engine (40mm Bore x 36.6mm Stroke)
  • Custom made lightweight full circle crankshaft 
  • RCMAX Custom GT Triple Exhaust Port Cylinder
  • V2 Oppama Ignition System for less weight, better spark and more reliability
  • RCMAX Reed System (made by Moto Tassanari) with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.
  • Rooster Tail 990 Carb
  • RCMAX Billet intake system and RAM Air Filter.
  • RCMAX Clutch/Blackbone bell/RCMAX Billet Carrier
  • Throttle linkage
  • The famous RCMAX Official Hat
  • Billet MCD Engine plate to allow use of Losi Blackbone high ratio gears