RCMAX Upgraded MTXL chassis
  • RCMAX Upgraded MTXL chassis


    This RCMAX Billet Chassis is the Ultimate upgrade for your MTXL, milled from an 8mm thick Billet and then pocketed out for weight reduction while the tall ribs offer insane strength!


    When you start running the bigger more powerful 32cc+ motors and other upgrades, the stock chassis flexes far too much causes centre drivetrain issues and bad handling etc.


    The chassis also has the spur gear hole removed due to the pocketed design, this works just great with the smaller higher geared Spurs that most of you guys are running.


    If you really want to run a huge spur then just a little dremel work or space the tower up a little with the supplied centre Diff shims. This chassis is aimed at tuners who are running bigger 32+cc engines and want the best without the hole in the chassis.