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Roostertail 1107 Full Mod

Roostertail 1107 Full Mod


This fully modified Rooster Tail Engines carburettor includes changes that increase cfm and fuel flow.  This helps with staring, tuning, and an increase in performance.


These WT-1107 carburettors have been custom modified with high quality, stainless steel sealed bearings on each side of the throttle shaft to help support and seal this area from dust ingress in the most demanding applications.


When this material enters the shaft bore area on a normal carburettor, it can cause excessive wear on both the shaft and the internal bore of the carburettor body.


This mod stops 99% of dust and sand from entering the carburettor bore and the engine, thus making it more reliable and saving you from an expensive engine rebuild from dust and sand ingress.


We recommend you install our RTE High Temp Carburettor Gasket for superior heat protection.

Due to the extra fuel flow required it is recommended you install our RTE Super Flow Fuel Line Kit.


Carburettor Specs:

  • Walbro WT-1107
  • 15.88mm bore
  • 13.5mm venturi
  • Independent tune-able high and low speed jets
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