This listing is a full set (4PCS) of our "Series-X" Pattern combined with our Stunning 3D Billet Wheel Centre to suit normal 5th scale 24mm hex hubs.


This Tread Pattern is an excellent all rounder and really well suited to all Zenoah powered 5th scales aswell as big bores. It offers extreme durability aswell as good grip on dirt and grass, but still a little spin to help with powerslides and launch off the mark! It also distinguishes from the cross-cutter in very wet conditions with the treads being spaced further apart to better self-clean and chomp through soft dirt.


See them in action here:


RCMAX is proud to present our brand new Foam-Less Wheels, as tried and tested via our Social Media Channels.


The goal is simple! To Eliminate the current failure point in 5th scale bashing wheels; The foams!  


While doing this we also built in a modular concept to the design. So that you have replaceable outer Wheel/Tyre Treads with many different wheel centre choices for style and weight.

Also the design allows you to have 4 different offset settings with the same wheel, simply by the position of the centre section in comparison to the mounting ring in the wheel and which way round you fit it!

SERIES-X 3" with 3D 24mm Hex Centres

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