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    This chassis has taken a bit longer than expected to get to release but we are proud to have taken our time, made a load of changes from Stage 1 and 2 of prototyping/testing and ended up with this awesome piece of proven engineering!


    This chassis solves the stock weakpoint around the rear of the engine where they crack etc. But it also makes a huge difference in terms of cooling the engine. With the carefully sized and placed vents and the heatsink design around the engine, this chassis will drop your running temps a noticeable amount. 


    We have still allowed for some chassis flex where needed albeit less liberal than stock so the handling of the car is superb as should be for a lightweight buggy.


    Going to a 1-piece design unlike our Losi chassis allowed us to shave off some weight from prototype stage also, helping any racers who want to use our platform for their build. 


    Like our Losi chassis and its inserts though, its milled from a single super thick billet with no bending or forming for the kick up or side pod support rails which allows us to get a pure material grain throughout improving strength. Also this design means that our chassis has a lovely smooth bottom to protect your diffs without need for heavy skid plates! Win Win!

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