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  • TAYLOR ZENOAH BAJA Kraken TSK/SX5 Exhaust Pipe


    This Side Pipe for the HPI baja is suited best to 32-36cc Engines with its larger than normal stinger outlet and aggressive cones. However it does make pretty good power on Tuned 29-30.5cc also.


    NB: You have to cut the 5B A-Frame piece (see photos) for fitment, which is fine, we assure you, in my experience 90% of experienced Baja owners remove it anyway for Kraken Cage builds as it doesnt do anything on them and just looks ugly in the way of engine. 


    This new side pipe fits the Baja TSK-B and SX5 cages! 


    Supplied complete with all fitment hardware including a Sleek new British made V-High temp coupler tube of the perfect diameter that requires no ugly cable ties or jubilee clamps.


    Based off our successful Baja 5B exhaust, it has Extremely wide power curve and excellent over-rev rpm, suited to any 8000rpm+ clutch setup. We believe our testing proves that this is one of the most powerful production pipe design on the market for all Tuned Zenoah G320 based engines, especially awesome on stroked engines.

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