Team chase cage for Baja 5T/SC

Team chase cage for Baja 5T/SC


All these black cages are now the newest style, with metal rear pins molded into them for maximum strength.

The Team Chase cage was designed to be driven and abused. Scale looks, Extremely Strong, and light weight. Replaces the stock cage on your Baja 5T/5SC and allows easy access to work on your truck. The Cage attaches to the 8 body mount points, 2 in the front and rear, and 2 on each side. So as fast you just pull the 8 clips and its OFF! The Roll Cage will protect your truck: Compatible with many different exhausts Adds support to the chassis and body No dismantling your truck for installation or removal Roll Cage is made out of high impact nylon plastic blend, super strong with a melting point of 500 degrees F

Pipe Fitment List


  • Rear Dominator pipe (V1/V2)
  • Dominator FAST pipe
  • HPI SS tuned pipe
  • Bartolone 32cc 5T/5SC side mount pipe/Torpedo pipes
  • Victory RC Side pipes
  • TGN X Can
  • Jet Pro V3/V4
  • GBE Hornet
  • CST Fast pipe
  • Booster Rear pipes