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Turtle one piece brake mount for Baja
  • Turtle one piece brake mount for Baja


    Turtle Racing 1pc. Brake Mount: This brake mount replaces the plastic caliper, the black plastic gear plate closure (hpi# 85436), brake mount, all in one billet aluminum piece. Each unit will include 1pc. Brake Mount, brake pad pins, set screws, brake pad springs and flanged bearing.
    The TR 1pc. Brake Mount also makes assembling the brake system a LOT easier since it is assembled off the Baja and simply drop the assembly into place and fasten. The brake pad springs hold the pads apart (also simplifying assembly) so there is no dragging while driving and since there is constant pressure on the brake pad they eliminate dirt and debris from getting behind the brake pad and causing binding and malfunction. The TR 1pc. Brake Mount is intended for use with the TR Tranny Plate, but will work with the stock trans plate and CF trans plate with some modification to the stock plate. John Shultz of HPI has been using the TR 1pc Brake Mount on his HPI 7075 Tranny Plate.

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