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Upgraded Baja Linkage- Yamadude

Upgraded Baja Linkage- Yamadude


Ever had your throttle linkage (HPI # 85462) get stuck, leaving your throttle all the way open? Here is the best solution. The Yamadude throttle linkage!
If you run in a lot of dirt and sand the stock slider at the carb just gets hammered with sand. Even with side window,s it gets in there and makes that slide hang up causing brake drag and throttle sticking issues. You can try and drill out the slider but mud and sand still gets built up in there.

This set up moves the linkage farther up to the front and tucks nicely under the body.
Another thing it does is it gets rid of that stupid clip thing thats a pain to get on and off and loosens up over time and fails to stay on after a few removals. Another plus is you can set your brakes and throttle at the collars instead of trying to get you fingers in there and adjust that little brake adjuster.
The way these are set up you will have to clip the corner of your choke lever(if your running a stock style) to clear the end of the linkage.
Includes all parts shown, and detailed installation instructions. The linkage collars use a .050" set screw. If you need an Allen wrench see the related items below for an inexpensive option.

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