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RCMAX re-launches Pro-Am now available!

We're so excited to announce the re-launch of Pro-Am. RCMAX has taken over production of the pro-am line to bring you a new and updated V2 pro-am line up.

New Diff housings with improved tolerances, custom billet sway bar holder,stainless screws and polished finish for the best looking most durable upgrade for the Losi 5ive. The Pro-am diff housings utilize enlarged wheel bearings to prolong life. The solid billet diff housings can be removed from above so there is no need to remove the the whole unit to change your differential gears or service the unit.

New improved Chassis is now completely made from 7075 with additional mounting points for all steering set ups. You can use the Hi-tech 1000, stock or the popular dual servo mount

Shock towers were milled from 7075 aluminum and pockets added to keep weight down and provide a custom look. Polished to RCMAX perfection as well as the most mounting positions you can get for maximum adjustments

See site for details to purchase

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