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From the owner:

First of all we are a small family business.  When you place an order with our company, it has an impact on real people, families and people on the other end of the computer or phone that do care what happens with your order.  We do care and will always go out of our way to help.

When I was young I began my hobby experience when the Tamiya Frog and Hornet came out.  I was instantly in love with RC.  I had posters hung up, dreamed about getting the next hottest car.  I read every magazine I could find and became an expert on the products introduced.   As time passed, I began to find other things to catch my interest and took a break from RC.  It wasn't until several years ago when my son expressed an interest in RC cars did I become interested in the market again.  Here I was 30 years later shopping to make dreams come true again.  We went to the store and got him his first RC car. This became a way for us to connect and spend time together.


I discovered 1/5 scale vehicles and was instantly enamored with them.  I loved the sheer scale of these vehicles and the customization options available. The father had just become the kid again.  After digging in and purchasing several 1/5 scale vehicles, it became clear that my local hobby shop did not support the products to my satisfaction.  So like any consumer, I began to hit the internet.  I found a wealth of products and knowledge online. I found forums and  began purchasing and talking to suppliers that made promises of perfect products and support.  Sometimes, these products exceeded expectation but more often than not, these products failed to deliver and were quickly discarded. I spent an obscene amount of money trying new products, breaking them and switching them out for better ones.

That leads me to where we are today.  I am still a hobbyist first.  I love these vehicles and I want to spread that feeling to others and hopefully offer products that avoid the financial pitfalls and disappointments I have endured these last few years.

There are so many great vehicles out there but I decided to focus my energies on several of the most popular styles.  This is not to say there isn't other great vehicles out there that deserve attention, these are just the ones that made sense to me.  I want to bring you cutting edge products that deliver performance and looks.  I have partnered up with several people who lead the industry in innovation and share my vision for growing and enjoying this hobby.

I hope that when you look at these pages that your imagination comes to life and you remember why we love these vehicles.  You will find great products at fair prices.  I am excited to grow my business and make a lot of new friends/customers along the way.  My goal is to provide an outlet to purchase some of these products that will enhance your enjoyment of this great hobby.

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