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    NEW V2 Version! Stronger spine, improved bracing either side of engine area to make better compatible with electric conversions.


    The Ultimate Losi 5ive T and Losi 5T 2.0 Chassis on the market, super strong, lightweight and machined to perfection. This combo chassis allows fitment to either the original 5T or the new 2.0 version which means you can easily convert your car either way depending on preference.


    NB. LOSI 2.0 5ive owners running the Zenoah 320, you will need to use a CY Fan Cover (unless using fonzie engine spacers) as the engine mount holes are still based off the 1.0 5T which came with a CY29.

    Our TAYLOR Chassis is machined from a 10mm thick billet of 6082 to achieve the minimum flex but pocketed out so that its give or take the same weight as a stock chassis! This clever design means its the strongest chassis available without having to add excessive weight. Tested and perfected over multiple seasons of World Championship 4x4 Racing with many podiums.

    This chassis features replaceable front and rear inserts in case of serious crashes or wear over time. Both Front and rear inserts have solid bottoms so that the diffs are totally protected. No need for skid plates!

    We have added mounting holes for the popular TLR dual servo mount or the complete Losi 5B servo tray, so they bolts straight in rather than requiring modification like the stock 5T chassis. 

    Finished off with our logo milled into the main plate under the front driveshaft.

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