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Akill "Mad Dog" Super Spike 195x80
  • Akill "Mad Dog" Super Spike 195x80


    Akill have made some fresh updates on already epic SUPER SPIKE V2, designed a new logo, and added more size options.


    This is the 195mm Tall by 80mm Wide Truck tire, ideal for Tall Baja Rear, Tall Losi 5B all round, Vekta, F/R on any Losi style 5th Scale trucks etc round and other fitments to suit your taste.


    This pair of Belted Heavy Duty Tyres also comes with HD anti-ballon Foams included in the price.  


    These are probably the strongest tires ever created using the classic ring system like the original tires on almost all 1/5 cars. With a monstrous grip, they withstand the extreme abuse from big bore engines without balloon and are also incredibly light.

    • 180x75 = Front for Baja and all round suitable for Losi 5B, MCD RR5, for most buggy cars
    • 180x85 = Rear for Baja and all round suitable for Losi 5B, Losi 5T, Vekta, Rovan, all MCD W5 etc
    • 195x70 = Tall Front for Baja and all round suitable for Losi 5B mcd rr5 Wait for most buggy cars
    • 195x80 = All round suitable for Losi 5T, Vekta, Rovan, 30N Trucks, Hybrids etc.


    Combined with aluminum alloy lock beads, it will become the strongest 1/5 tire system

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