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BoneHead Losi 5T 2.0 Carbon Fibre Servo Tray
  • BoneHead Losi 5T 2.0 Carbon Fibre Servo Tray

    Machined from 100% genuine carbon fibre layered specially to BoneHead-RC specification for an unparalleled match on strength and reliability.Fits the Losi 5ive 2.0 only  FITTING INSTRUCTIONS:  CLICK HERE FEATURES:Universal design for single and twin servos, maximum torque from your steering and brake servos due to light but rigid design. No modifications needed to fit once you cut the stock Losi battery portion off, all stock parts remain the same and fit as intended, no chassis mods, plug and play design.Incorporated on-off stock switch location.Cables zip-tie to the plate keeps the wires out of sight for a professional look.IN THE PACKAGE:Universal carbon Servo plateThrottle/brake carbon braceCarbon spacersCarbon cover plate10 Alloy standoffsRX boxAll required fittingsFitting instructions (download from user manual section or above) NOTES/REQS:Remove your stock Losi battery box portion from the tray.Remove your stock Losi switch and swap over to carbon tray.All common standard sized large servos fitEngraved with the famous BoneHead-RC logo that's become a trade mark known world wide for providing the best of the best carbon upgrades for your 1/5th scales.
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