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BoneHead RC MCD RR5 W5 CVD guards
  • BoneHead RC MCD RR5 W5 CVD guards


    Machined from 100% genuine carbon fibre layered specially to BoneHead-RC specification for an unparalleled match on strength and reliability.


    NB:> These fit directly to alloy arms, or if your running plastic arms, you will need to simply drill mount holes in arms to suit the holes in guard.


    These upgrade carbon fibre MCD RR5 W5 cv guards protects your cups from un wanted debris entering the cup area, resulting in rapid worn pins and cups.


    Stops grass wrapping round your dog bones resulting in drive drag, more strain on the clutch, gears, and kills power.


    These are designed in such away it fully covers the vulnerable areas, also helps prevent ripped boots.


    Finished off with the BoneHead-RC logo

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