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COZMODs Taylor 35 Billet Cooling Snorkel kit
  • COZMODs Taylor 35 Billet Cooling Snorkel kit


    Check out this genuinely innovative Product from new company COZMODZ in the UK.


    The design goal of this kit is to totally remove the chance of grass build up around your inner fan cover which then slows the cooling air to the engine and results in an overheat.  I for one have had many engines totally caked in grass around my cooling vents during the summer and only noticed when the engine starts overheating mid bash!


    The stunning and lightweight billet fan cover plate simply slides onto all ages of Taylor 35cc engines after you pop the clutch housing off. Then bolts up to the threads already available on the inside of the inner fan cover of the engine.  Thus sealing off the area with lots of little holes where the grass normally collects!!  A custom hose (which can be shortened to your liking) then delivers clean filtered cooling air to the engine via a premium Ram air filter.


    Supplied as per photos with all mounting hardware.

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