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    THE DIABLO has arrived with all 88cc of its Billet Glory!


    Currently available for All Hybrids, Losi 5T 1.0 and Baja fitment. Ideally suited to the OUTLAW Hybrid Chassis or Roller Kit. Which have  a custom off the shelf rear shock tower available to suit this huge exhaust.


    Supplied as a Complete Package: ENGINE/EXHAUST/CARB/CLUTCH etc.


    Our new Flagship Engine is ready to rip after an extended testing and proving period. This beast of an RC Engine isnt all about its huge size and power, its main advantage over our competition is its advanced features:


    • Internal Forced Air Cooling system via Zenoah Fan and custom billet shroud.
    • Dual sprung loaded Easy-Start system (no decomp and two finger pulls!).
    • Massive Custom Diablo Exhaust to provide class leading grunt from very low rpm.
    • 28mm Walbro Carb.
    • Our proven Carbon V FORCE 3 Reed Valve made for us in our mould at Moto Tassanari.
    • 11mm Longer rod and redesigned transfer ports to widen the power band and further promote low end grunt.
    • Super torquey Stage 6 Big Racing Cylinder which combined with our custom pipe, advanced ignition timing, increased compression and the larger carb is able to kick out nearly 30HP.
    • High compression Billet head with internal cooling passages and extra external cooling fins for very low Cylinder head temps.
    • 78mm Maintainance-Free Fibre clutch from the Goped market (low clutch temps)
    • Hard Steel Clutch bell with replaceable threaded gear fitment ends, so if the gear spline ever wears over time, its super easy and cheap to replace without throwing away the whole bell!
    • Air Intake holes within the fan cover and crankcases are hundreds of tiny holes for excellent air filtration without the need for an outerwears.
    • Genuine Zenoah RC Coil with our custom extended HT lead for ultra reliable and powerful spark.


    See User Manual for this beast within the Downloads section of the site for all further info and fitment advise.

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