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FS sintered Steel 54mm Clutch

FS sintered Steel 54mm Clutch


FS Sintered steel clutch 54mm

Durable and long lasting. One of the few clutches that can stand up to the punishment of today's large bore engines

Note: The sintered steel clutch needs a break in period of at least half an hour run time after their first installation. Only then the clutch surface reaches the desired grip and provides the necessary friction. After that the clutch will show consistent operation and extremely low wear!

*** clutch uses stock zenoah 8mm bolts, bellville washers and spacers not included.***

With 80 grams the weight of the clutch is about the same as the usual OEM clutches.

As with all non-adjustable clutches a periodic monitoring of the clutch spring is recommended. By changing the spring, it is also possible to match your car to the track conditions, i.e.: the harder the spring, the higher the stall speed of the clutch.


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