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Hilantronics RCEKS-5GK Marine Kill Switch

Hilantronics RCEKS-5GK Marine Kill Switch


RCEKS-5GK Marine - The 5th Generation of the 2-stroke RC engine kill switch for marine engines. Designed and made in Australia. With new updated firmware and wider operating voltage. It works with most 3 & 4 channel radios. RCEKS-5GK will automatically kill the boat engine if you have a low battery, radio glitch, lose connection, or power loss. You can also kill the engine anytime you want via the transmitter`s channel switch. It kills the engine by using a mechanical relay that gives a full electrical isolation.


The kit comes with:

  • 1 x EMF noise filtered cable with quick disconnect plug
  • 1 x remote super bright red LED indicator so the status signals can be seen externally

To mount the external LED on to your receiver box, drill an 8mm hole then slide the LED through from the inside of the box and insert the LED into the LED clip then push the clip with the LED in the hole until it stops.

  • LED Signal Status:
  • - Flashing: No Radio Signal
  • - ON: Engine On (or Ready to Start)
  • - OFF: Engine Off
  • - Flashing/On - No Radio Signal / Engine Off (only applicable to Spektrum Radio)
  • Specification:
  • - Operation Voltage on the receiver: 4.0 Volts DC to 8.0 Volts DC
  • - Relay Voltage Max: 125VAc, 24Vdc
  • - Contact Relay Current DC Max : 1A
  • - Relay Coil Resistance : 167 Ohm
  • - External LED Clip dimension:
    • - Panel Cut out diameter : 8mm
    • - Clip Length : 12.5mm
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