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Modified RC 62 spur carrier extension
  • Modified RC 62 spur carrier extension

    Here are the new top plates and shims that will allow you to use the new 62 tooth spur gears(LOSI part #LOS352001) with the Modified RC Center Diff Mounts. 
    This kit also is needed to use the modified RC carrier for the new losi 2.0 due to the gearing changes on the Losi. 
    The kits include a new top plate(with 2 bearings installed) that is taller and machined to clear the 62 tooth spur gears, and a set of shims for the bottom of the center diff mount. The shims are only needed if using an aftermarket chassis that does not have the spur clearance cut into it. The shims are not needed if using the stock chassis, as it has a pocket cut in the chassis for the extra spur gear clearance.
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