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    The TAYLOR 40GT is designed to be a easy to use, affordable and extremely durable big bore
    RC engine at a fantastic price. This motor has been turning heads across the 1/5 Scale world due
    to its extremely wide power band and aggressive throttle response. It can also be upgraded in future to a 55 SUPREME via simply a new top end kit which you can fit yourself or have us fit for you.

    At TAYLOR RC we design and cast our own custom Big Bore RC Cylinders to stay ahead of the
    competition. The GT Cylinder design has been a massive success with meaningful power from
    8000 to 16500+ rpm and large cooling fins to ensure consistent power.

    This Complete 40GT Dragster engine package comes with everything you need to fit the billet
    reed engine into your car and get down the track! Hooks right up to the HD dragster clutch bell
    and carrier so you can make use of the full range of gearing and 2-speed options available.


    Now shipping with our updated V2 Crankcases and V2 Ignition System: Improved internal transfer flow, updated primary compression ratio, Japanese Oppama Ignition system with a host of benefits including reduced overall weight and finally improved finishing around 3D milling faces for an even better than our already industry leading machining.


    40GT Dragster Package Spec list:

    • 40cc Billet Reed Engine
    • TAYLOR Custom GT Triple Exhaust Port Cylinder.
    • Custom made lightweight full circle crankshaft.
    • TAYLOR Dragster Fitment Side Pipe.
    • V2 Oppama Ignition System for less weight, better spark and more reliability
    • TAYLOR V Force Reed System with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.
    • WALBRO WT1257 Extreme Carb
    • Ram Air Dual layer Air Filter
    • UFC RACE CLUTCH to fit dragster stock bell/carrier setup
    • Custom Primal Dragster LH Engine brace from 3mm stainless steel.
    • Custom Billet Rear engine bracket which replaces the stock mount.
    • The famous TAYLOR Official Hat
    • Spark plug spanner

    NB. Fitment into the Dragster is extremely simple, we provide all the required fitment brackets to replace the ones which suit the stock engine. The pipe attaches via supplied bracket to two existing threaded holes in the side rail of the car. The only part that requires modding is the plastic cage, you can either remove it, or as per photos cut off one of the 3 legs so that it still looks consistent and just misses the carb. Finally rebend your stock linkage to the slightly different carb arm location and your ready to race!

    Custom Anodising is available in all colours and even Dual Colour Splash anodising! Please just get in touch after placing an order to discuss.

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