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Pro-bolt Header Locking kit for Zenoah/CY engines
  • Pro-bolt Header Locking kit for Zenoah/CY engines


    No comprimises header locking kit !  


    Pro-Bolts’ Race Spec Bolts are designed for enthusiasts who truly value attention to detail and are widely used by teams at all levels. The key features are in the flanged hex head design which benefit from a reduced socket size that has been drilled to 1.6mm on each flat for ease of lock wiring and the inside of the hex is dished for additional weight saving with no compromise in strength. In addition to these neat features, our bolts are manufactured from grade 316 Stainless Steel. This material offers superb corrosion resistance and durability. They are machined with rolled threads to give extra strength and polished to a mirror finish. Ideal when quality, strength and corrosion resistance is required.   


    Comes with .62mm UDH locking wire, two pro-bolt race spec bolts and two lock washers


    These are designed to fit any zenoah/cy engine as well as the new Taylor 35

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