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Red Arrow USA HD V2 Baja Extended Arm kit
  • Red Arrow USA HD V2 Baja Extended Arm kit


    Mark Himes does it again with a beautiful new design. V2 Heavy Duty Red Arrow USA Extended Baja Arm kits.   These are arms are machined out of solid 6061 Billet aluminum.  The rod ends included with the kit are m10 chrome moly, the largest in the industry.   Redesigned to accept big bore shocks and Oversized drive cups as well as stock steering knuckles or his new custom one piece design.  These will also include a drop down piece for the shocks to mount to (not shown in photos).   Comes with all mounting hardware but you will need extended axels to complete the kit.  Arms and Rod Ends come with a lifetime warranty to be free of defects as well as breakage.  This is a common sense warranty.   Items intentionally broken or Wear items are not covered (ie. stand off spacers, hinge pins etc.)

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