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TAYLOR 35 V2 Billet Piston Port RC Engine
  • TAYLOR 35 V2 Billet Piston Port RC Engine


    We are now shipping the full "V2 Spec", a highly developed ground up custom engine built with the best materials and testing data! This engine changes what you think about a small 5th scale engine and raises the bar above our competitors.


    This is not just another tuned and stroked Zenoah G320 engine. This is a ground up redesign of this style of small fan cooled RC engine to bring you the best of the best, TAYLOR style! As you would expect from a longer stroke motor, it has massive amounts of grunt and midrange pull while still offering great overrev rpm due to the wide exhaust port.


    Even better news, this engine is not built to order, if it shows in stock, that means its on the shelf ready to ship SAME DAY!



    • Losi 5T, 5T 2.0, 5ive-B, DBXL, DBXL 2.0
    • HPI Baja 5b/5SC/5T/TSK and SX5
    • Kraken Vekta.5, KV5TT and VESLA.5 Gas Buggy
    • MCD RR5, XR5, W5 and XS5
    • Rovan LT Trucks, all Bajas incl Shorty, XLT MT, RF5, F5, BLT
    • 30N DNT and DNB
    • King Motor Trucks, all Bajas, KM T-1000,
    • FID Dragon Hammer
    • RCMK XCR Cars


    TAYLOR 35 Features and Specifications:

    • Custom TAYLOR 35cc V2 Cylinder with Modern Bridged exhaust and huge transfer ports!
    • Custom TAYLOR 38mm Piston/Ring
    • Compatible with any zenoah style tuned exhaust on the market for any Gas 1/5.
    • Proven 31mm Stroke Long-Rod Crankshaft designed by ADA Racing.
    • Perfectly port-matched Lightweight Billet Crankcases. (The engine as pictured weighs only 1.835KG - making it lighter than a G340 Piston port and much lighter than reeds)
    • Stunning High Compression removable Billet Cylinder head
    • HD Pull Starter
    • Custom TAYLOR Billet Intake manifold with perfect port match, Heat ISO and zero leaks.
    • Lightweight and Easy-to-tune Piston Port design which fits almost all 1/5 scale gas cars
    • Supplied with a free billet vented clutch housing to fit all cars (adjuster shim incl).
    • Supplied without a carb as standard, see options.


    Project Background info:


    Action Video:


    Over 1000 Combined Man Hours of Design, R&D, Prototyping, Development and Testing to bring this project to Market and achieve our goal of creating the current most powerful production small block on the market currently. This engine is more powerful than any Ported Zenoah based engine on the market, from an ultra reliable, easy to use piston port engine that fits all platforms!


    This is not just a new engine, please take note of this important point, its a new platform from which we are going to develop and build. The 35 will receive future bolt-on upgrades to take the performance on and on into the next generations of Taylor Small-Blocks.


    This is the largest (financially speaking) project that our little family business has taken on and we are ever-so proud of its final form. We always take testing seriously but this project went over and beyond in terms of sheer hours on dyno and more importantly real world in-car runs. This means we can offer you a fully proven and polished product that will drop straight in and impress all 5th scaler gas addicts!

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