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TAYLOR/ KCR 7075 HD Anti-Roll Bar for MCD
  • TAYLOR/ KCR 7075 HD Anti-Roll Bar for MCD


    This heavy duty roll bar upgrade from KCR has been designed with the MCD UK race team. The design brief was to make a stronger, stiffer roll-bar for grippy tracks where the RR5 steering was simply too aggressive causing the car to be unstable. After many hours of testing we developed the new 4mm HD Anti-Roll Bar Upgrade! This is an extremely durable tuning upgrade that really delivers by making your RR5,XR5 or W5 ultra stable on high grip surfaces. 

    This item is a direct replacement to your standard MCD Roll Bar and uses the standard balls and downlinks you already have, no need to drill the balls out to 4mm as they are already 4mm from the factory! The supplied 12mm T6 roll bar is 4mm bigger in diameter than the 8mm stock item to handle the extra loads of the 4mm carbide roll bar springs. We supply this kit with two 100mm roll bar springs so you can fit it on the front (85mm) or rear (100mm) of the car.



    • 7075 T6 alloy Roll Bar
    • Carbide hardened 4mm Roll Bar Springs (100mm long for front or rear)  
    • Acetal bearings - Long life and zero maintenance.

    Proudly manufactured and designed in the UK.

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