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Taylor  Vesla big block side pipe

Taylor Vesla big block side pipe


We are so so proud to release this new exhaust to fit the Kraken Vesla, it is based on our recent game changing big block design and custom tweaked to fit the new vesla platform with only one small cage cut


The power output is not quite like you will have felt before from a Side fitment Big Bore RC Exhaust.


There are lots of great pipes, this one is just a bit special. It offers a lot more torque than other big bore side pipes but amazingly no sacrifice in peak rpm. Well suited to 55cc+ engines but does work on all sizes. (if you have a 40/46/50GT though your better with our smaller 40-50cc side pipe as it gets more rpm on the Torquey GT Cylinder engines)


Totally made in house at the TAYLOR RC Facility, we can assure perfect fitment and bordeline bulletproof reliablilty. The only downside of this is the price, we simply cant do any better than this im afraid, but at least its a lifetime part for your car with great resale value.


A two piece design ensures flex for anti-vibration and the 4x HD Spring header socket fitment as we successfully trialed on the Raminator is the muts nuts!


Supplied as full kit as in photos.

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