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    This project has been a long time coming, but finally here and ready to provide bolt-on power for your Big Block engine!  This new carb is OEM manufactured by Walbro exclusively for TAYLOR RC.


    This new WJ146 Carb is a direct replacement for the discontinued WJ71, with all of its trusty qualities plus new upgrades on top.


    Note that we have had Walbro remove the black throttle stay which confused many of you and made starting more difficult.  Now simply prime the engine for a "pop" with choke on, then turn choke off, hold throttle open a hair with your hand or controller and go for the start up. (exactly the same advice as given in this still relevant WJ Engine Starting video:


    • Custom fuel metering to suit Taylor Big Block engines
    • 7% more CFM compared to the WJ71 thanks to its factory bored body
    • Throttle arm drilled to suit 4-40 HD linkages
    • Choke improved with removal of the confusing chainsaw throttle stay arm from the WJ71
    • Slightly Easier tuning should be noted due to internal tweaks also.
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