Exciting News  - RCMAX V3 Clutch System

Many of you have experienced the powerful yet reliable simplicity of the RCMAX 62mm clutch but it is time to take it to a whole new level of awesome.

We have kept the non-adjustable convenience, added circa 35% more biting surface, 30% more mass and then dual control springs which engage around 9250rpm for a savage launch! (other engagements will be available in future).

Please be patient as it will be at least month before we have stock but heres a teaser video of the final version running in Norms RCMAX 55 Supreme.

https://youtu.be/OboaB-l9J98 This may not be the best kept secret as we have been working on this upgrade best part of the year incl at Bashfest but its so worth the wait and will be a huge upgrade for anyone running the 62mm system.

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